Monday, January 8, 2018

1978 Topps Baseball #328 - Milwaukee Brewers


  • This card says that the manager for 1978 hadn't been named when the set went to press. Looks like the Brewers made the right choice in hiring George Bamberger.
  • A mark is next to Paul Molitor's name on this checklist. I probably did that to indicate his card was on one of those four-player rookie cards and not with the rest of the team's cards.
  • The Milwaukee Brewers made a huge leap in 1978, going from 67 wins to 93 wins. The Brewers featured a potent hitting attack. Average pitching and fielding caused them to finish below the leaders in the AL East, but they would be a force to be reckoned with for the next few years.
  • It's amazing that Don Money and Ben Oglivie were able to get into so many games. Manager George Bamberger did a great job of rotating players around and getting those bats into the lineup.

  • Team Record: 93-69, 3rd in AL East, 6.5 games behind New York

    • Attendance: 1,601, 406 (6th in AL)
    • Team Batting: .276 (1st in AL)
    • Team Home Runs:  173 (1st in AL)
    • Team Runs Scored: 804 (1st in AL)
    • Team Stolen Bases: 95 (7th in AL)
    • Team ERA: 3.65 (8th in AL)
    • Team Fielding: .977 (9th in AL)
    • All Stars: Don Money (starting 2B); Larry Hisle (OF); Lary Sorensen (P)
    • AL Leaders: Mike Caldwell (complete games - 23)
    • AL Awards: ---
    • Batting Leader: Cecil Cooper (.312)
    • Home Run Leader: Larry Hisle (34)
    • RBI Leader: Larry Hisle (115)
    • Stolen Base Leader: Paul Molitor (30)
    • Victories Leader: Mike Caldwell (22)
    • Losses Leader: Lary Sorensen, Jerry Augustine (12)
    • ERA Leader (starters): Mike Caldwell (2.36)
      ERA Leader (relievers): Bill Castro (1.81)
    • Strikeout Leader: Mike Caldwell (131)
    • Saves Leader: Bob McClure (9)
    • Players who could have had 1978 Topps Milwaukee Brewers cards (minimum 100 AB or 40 IP):