Wednesday, October 1, 2014

1978 Topps Baseball #207 - 1977 Earned Run Average Leaders

  • In a hitter's year like 1977 it was rare to see low ERAs (especially in the American League).
  • John Candelaria led the NL in ERA for the only time in his career in 1977. He had some nice years in his long career, but none of them was as good as his 1977 season.
  • Frank Tanana also had his only ERA title in 1977. He had three really nice years in a row (1975-1977) during the fastball phase of his career. After an arm injury in 1979, Frank reinvented himself as an off-speed pitcher and enjoyed a long career.
  • Hall of Fame count
    • National League: 2 - Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton
    • American League: 5 - Bert Blyleven, Nolan Ryan, Jim Palmer, Gaylord Perry, Dennis Eckersley