Wednesday, February 12, 2014

1978 Topps Baseball #97 - Stan Bahnsen

  • Stan Bahnsen had pretty much completed his transition from a workhorse starter to a relief pitcher in 1978. Stan made one spot start and came out of the bullpen 43 times. 
  • Bahnsen didn't pitch for seven weeks from mid May to early July. He was probably injured and on the DL, but I can't find any articles about it.
  • 1978 Stats: 1-5, 7 saves, 3.81 ERA in 44 games (1 start)
  • 1978 Highlights:
    • April 12 - This isn't really a highlight, but it makes me wonder about some statistics. Bahnsen was credited with a "hold" even though he allowed four runs (three earned) in 2 2/3 innings pitched. The Expos "held on" to beat the Philadelphia Phillies 8-7.
    • May 12 - Pitched three scoreless innings and earned the save as the Expos beat the Atlanta Braves 5-3.
    • Aug 12 - Picked up his only victory of the season by allowing no runs in 2/3 of an inning in the top of the 14th inning. The Expos beat the Chicago Cubs 4-3 when pinch hitter Tommy Hutton singled in Warren Cromartie in the bottom of the 14th inning.